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    The Book, The Quest To Save Existence

    For Sale:£6.13 
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    Location: London E (E)
    Category: Fiction
    Website: N/A
    Tag: For Sale

    At a sharp turn in the passage, Trac, leading the party saw a shape emblazoned on the wall. He had no way of knowing he had already triggered the Magic Mouth to speak the words it was programmed to repeat whenever anyone passed close enough. A loud voice announced clearly, "SHH... DON'T WAKE THE DRAGON!"
    They froze in their tracks. The voice repeated the phrase, "SHH... DON'T WAKE THE DRAGON!" If the mouth on the wall spoke the truth, it was already too late, as Dragons have some of the keenest hearing of any creature known. It surely would have heard the loud statement as it repeated the phrase a third time. Trac quickly walked around the corner to get away from the offending mouth. He froze in midstride, what he saw was both glorious and dreadful.
    This is just a taste of what awaits those who dare take on 'The Book, The Quest To Save Existence' by Brett Woldridge, now available on Amazon/Kindle in ebook for 6.13 or paperback for 8.55. FREE for Kindle users to read or download. Also available on Amazon/Kindle two more titles by Brett Woldridge, '33 Notches', the story of an orphan left for dead on the open plains and his struggle to survive and thrive in the old west. And 'Among Us, A Normal Child', a delightfully demented romp through the childhood of a developing serial killer, NOT for the squeamish. All FREE to read or download for Kindle users. Check 'em out and give 'em a read.

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