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    Premier Pressure Cooker Ring Stainless Steel - Mini

    For Sale:£3.99 
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    Location: London NW (NW)
    Category: Appliances
    Website: N/A
    Tag: For Sale

    At Popat Stores we offer premier pressure cookers spare rubber gasket - suitable to fit stainless steel comfort sizes 2L and 3L. We make sure you never mix up your seals again by having one blue seal (Sweet and Dairy) and one red seal (Savoury). The official instant pot seals are the only ones available manufactured specifically by instant pot for use in the instant pot range. The instant pot coloured sealing rings are quality tested to FDA and LFGB food safety standards, are BPA Free and dishwasher safe. The use of third party sealing rings may have unexpected effects on your product, and would void the Instant Pot warranty.

    Pressure cooker is made of aluminum. Food is cooked much faster by pressure cooking than by other methods (except perhaps microwaves), and with much less water than boiling, so dishes can be ready sooner. Less energy is required than when boiling, steaming or oven cooking. Since less water is necessary, the food comes to cooking temperature faster.

    It is a modern version of the traditional Indian cooking utensil used for flavorful, less-water cooking. Its lid holds water on the top and, on its underneath surface condenses steam that rises from the food simering in the handy. The reverse taper of the sloping sides of the handy permits water droplets to fall directly on to the food inside the handy - thus making delicious, tender and moist food.

    Also, Available in a Bigger and Smaller Size:
    Size: Mini
    Weight: 0.0430 kg

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