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    Hirudotherapy for Healthier and Beautifull Body

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    Location: London N (N)
    Category: Alternative Therapy
    Tag: Offered

    Hirudotherapy, or leech treatment, helps the human body to increase cell metabolism (on average 80 billion cells in a human body).In this treatment, leeches remove a chemical called Hirudin (which contains over 100 active ferments and enzymes) in the bloodstream, which helps to restore the 1: 1 cell ratio throughout life (1 cell appears and 1 dies).
    Hirudotherapy is used in treating many cases and conditions that include the following:
    - Myocardial infarction (helps to prevent other accidents, protects and improves the blood circulation of the heart);
    - Stroke (helps improve cranial circulation, dissolves blood clots, fluidises blood and prevents other accidents or even death);
    - Thrombophlebitis (helps dissolve blood clots before reaching important areas of the body - heart and brain);
    - Varicose veins (a much more effective treatment compared to surgical procedure of their removal helping to reduce blood pressure in the veins and to improve blood circulation);
    - Poor Peripheral circulation;
    - Hemiparesis due to stroke;
    - Infertility;
    - Prostate;
    - Spondylosis (cervical, thoracic, lumbar);
    - Myopia;
    - Adnexitis;
    - Pneumonia;
    - Wrinkles reduction;
    - Facial allergies;
    - Hypertension;
    - Cardiosclerosis;
    - Hepatitis (virus B and C);
    - Cellulite treatment;
    - Stomach Ulcer.

    On average there are between 10 and 12 sessions, but their number depends especially on the pacient, which makes this therapy personalized for each person.
    All sessions take place at the client’s home, only inside London.

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